Panchagavya are the five organic products obtained from the Cow that enhance the immunity as well as the growth in humans, animals and plants. In Sanskrit, Pancha means five and gavya means Cow, therefore Panchagavya is the blend of five products obtained from Gavya (Cow). This combination of 5 products obtained from the Cow are beneficial in different ways as food supplement, medicine etc.

Reference In Ancient Text

Several ancient scriptures such as “Bhel Samhita”, “Kashyap Samhita”, “Charak Samhita”, “Sushrutu Samhita”, “Gad Nigraha” & “Rasa Tantra Saar”, have clearly stated the divinity and significance of Panchagavya in human life. In ancient years, the holy cow ‘Kamadhenu’ was worshiped as the God who fulfils all human desires. Panchagavya is one such piece of wisdom which is meant to protect all the humans, animals, plants and microorganisms that dwell on the planet earth.

Panchagavya – The 5 Cow Products

  1. Cow milk (Go-dugdha)
  2. Cow ghee (Go-ghrita)
  3. Cow curd (Go-dadhi)
  4. Cow urine (Go-mutra)
  5. Cow dung (Gomaya)

Collectively these 5 products from the Cow are termed as Panchagavya, which holds its importance both in spiritual as well as medicinal aspects. It is believed that this “Cow-pathy” treatment (consumption of Panchagavya) is highly effective having no side effects, results in removal of physical as well as mental disorders and also enhances life force energy, physical strength & life span of an individual.

Importance and Benefits of 5 Cow Products

1.Cow Milk:

No other food types can give a nutritional supplement that a cow’s milk can provide. It balances emotions as well as all the thee doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is an important food that enhances Ojas and vitality of human body. Cow’s milk has also been recommended in Ayurveda therapy in a number of ailments or health depriving conditions like general weakness, vertigo, fatigue, debility, cough, bronchitis, asthma, increased thirst and hunger, chronic fever, decreased urination etc. Also the cow’s milk contains Cerebrosides which have good ability to improve and regenerate brain cell also provides capacity to resist body against atomic radiation.

2.Cow Ghee:

The nutritive value of Cow’s ghee helps in taking out the impurities from the body. It also enhances eyesight, increases strength & flexibility of bone. Regular consumption of the ghee boosts the physical and mental strength, keeps the body healthy and enhances the potency of the body. Thus the cow’s ghee is widely used for curing ailments like epilepsy, dementia, schizophrenia, cancer, leprosy, migraine etc. Ayurveda believes that the daily dose of ghee nourishes the body, enhances the ojas and aids to enhance the general wellbeing of mind, body and soul. This is because the natural property of Ghee enriches Satwa i.e. peaceful and calm mind, aids the process of elimination & assimilation, lubrication, digestion, balances Vata and Pitta doshas (and also the Kapha dosha when taken in little or moderate quantities). Therefore, cow’s ghee is regarded to be best for human consumption. Not only this, it also helps to improve the environment. When used in Yajna, the cow’s ghee improves the level of oxygen and ozone gases in surrounding areas.

3.Cow Curd:

Curd prepared from cow’s milk or the by-product of cow milk is dahi or Cow Curd. It has therapeutic value in many ailments like diarrhoea, dysentery and is also recommended in chronic specific and non-specific colitis. The cow’s curd also prevents premature aging.

4.Cow Urine:

As per Ayurveda, cow’s urine is considered as one of the fundamental ingredients of many Ayurvedic medicines as this has some medicinal properties. It is believed to be ruksha, lekana and kapha samana and thus finds its use in diseases relating from imbalanced state of Vata and Kapha doshas. Also, generally used in sudation therapy etc, cow’s urine proves useful in detoxifying kidney and liver. Cow’s urine come to use in case of ailments like intestinal worms, oedema, anasarca, ascitis, abdominal distension, various painful conditions and anaemia. It is also useful in treating cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, mouth ulcers, asthma etc. This owes to the fact that cow’s urine is naturally antifungal, antibacterial, anti-allergic, antibiotic, antimicrobial and also antihelmentic.

5.Cow Dung:

Cow dung is used in various internal and external medicinal purposes. It is believed to be holder of natural properties that are beneficial for the skin. It is naturally antiseptic, antibacterial, fungicidal and useful in serious skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and gangrene. And thus it is used in skin ointments for relieving and curing skin disease. Although, Cow’s dung is equally holy content as cow urine and is used to purify environment. This is because Cow dung has radium and therefore it checks and reduces the radiation effects.

Uses of Panchagavya

Panchagavya or the five essential products received from the Cow come to many uses owing to the natural properties of health and wellness that they hold. These are used in following ways: