Our Mission

  • To protect the Cows & improve their feeding & living standards & keep them in clean atmosphere.
  • Indian Native Cow breeding and encouraging production of A2 Milk
  • Propagate cow based manure and natural fertilizers for farming
  • To setup revenue avenues from cows other than milk.
  • To set up a Cow Urine Therapy Research Centre & practicing center for critical ailments.
  • To Practice and propagate Permaculture and natural Farming.
  • To encourage Sustainable small scale industries based on agriculture and agriculture allied units
  • To encourage natural/Alternate energy usage, like solar, free electric and bio enery.
  • To improve sanitation education and sanitation facilities at village levels
  • To practice and propagate natural poultry based on Korean natural farming
  • Helping villagers to form self-help groups that organize themselves for community improvement is building up a new community structure, in which all voices are heard.
  • participatory village transformation through:
    1. community development
    2. economic development
    3. capacity building
    4. psychosocial support